When it comes to cars and supercars, there are few vehicles that are easily-recognizable as the Aston Martin DB4 GT. This version of the Aston Martin DB4 is known for its iconic styling, light weight, and extreme rarity. Let’s take a peek at what exactly is so rare and unique about this beauty.

The Aston Martin DB4 GT – Upgraded Performance From The DB4

The Aston Martin DB4 GT is an upgraded version of the Aston Martin DB4, which was first built in 1958. It is a 2+2 coupe, which features a front engine and rear-wheel drive. The base-model DB4 was powered by a 240 horsepower straight six engine, while the GT model had a much more powerful and innovative engine. 

This led to superior performance for the Aston Martin DB4 GT. While the Aston Martin DB4 had a top speed of 139.3 mph, and took 9.3 seconds to go from 0-60 mph, the Aston Martin DB4 GT had a top speed in excess of 151 mph, and took only 6.1 seconds to sprint from 0-60 mph, which was a significant performance improvement. 

The History Of The Aston Martin DB4 GT

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The DB4 GT was first introduced in September, 1959, as a higher-performance model of the DB4. Its production ended in 1963, when the DB4 was discontinued in favor of the Aston Martin DB5. The DB4 GT built upon the advanced technology of the DB4, using innovative techniques like a superleggera (tube-frame) body to reduce weight, and servo-assisted disc brakes.

To improve upon the performance of the DB4 even further, Aston Martin used a 3.7 or 3.8 liter engine that developed a stunning – for the 1950s – 302 horsepower. Thanks to techniques that lightened the body even further, the DB4 GT was able to achieve astonishing performance. The DB4 GT was discontinued along with the DB4 in 1963. 

The Aston Martin DB4 GT Was Powered By Cutting-Edge Technology

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There were many innovations that set the DB4 GT apart from the DB4 – as well as other sports cars built at the time. First and foremost, it used a thinner aluminum skin and enclosed headlights that helped lighten it, and the wheelbase was shortened – so many DB4 GT models lacked rear seats.

The engine was at the heart of the DB4s performance, though. Available in both 3.7 and 3.8 L displacements, it used two spark plugs per cylinder, as well as two distributors and three Weber twin-choke carburetors. Thanks to a modified cylinder head, Aston Martin was able to achieve a 9.0:1 compression rate, which allowed the output of more than 302 horsepower. 

Thanks to this engine, the Aston Martin DB4 GT was, by far, the fastest road legal production car at the time.

A History Of Aston Martin DB4 GT Models

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There was only one model of Aston Martin DB4 GT. The DB4 GT was introduced in 1959, and made until 1963. In total, only about 75 Aston Martin DB4 GT models were made, which makes them extremely rare. 

Even further still, 19 Aston Martin DB4 GTs were modified into the Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato, which was an extremely high-performance car that shed more than 100lbs compared to the GT. To do so, aluminum was used in place of many steel components, and the bumpers, rear seats, and many other “unnecessary” components were removed. 

The Aston Martin DB4 GT In The News

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The Aston Martin DB4 GT recently made headlines when Aston Martin announced that it would be bringing the car back, and building 19 new vehicles, based on the specifications for the lightweight Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato model. Aston Martin announced this back in late 2018, as part of its 100th anniversary celebrations. 

Unfortunately, these cars will not be road legal, and can only be raced on tracks, due to how traffic and emissions standards have changed in the last half-century. To help make up for this, each reservation of the DB4 GT will also come with a road-legal “DBS GT Zagato” that is based on the Aston Martin DBS Superleggera.

Don’t expect this car to be cheap, either. You’ll need to fork out about $8 million for an Aston Martin DB4 GT and its road-legal counterpart.

Celebrity Endorsements Of The Aston Martin DB4 GT

The Earl of Suffolk, Lord Howard, owned an Aston Martin DB4, which he drove on a 4000-mile honeymoon around Europe. Sir Peter Ustinov, an actor and diplomat, also owned one of the rare convertible variations of the DB4, and his vehicle was sold at auction in 2011. British celebrities Rowan Atkinson and David Gandy were also spotted admiring a DB4 at The Goodwood Festival of Speed in Sussex, England. Given the rarity of this car, it’s no surprise that it’s so highly sought-after!

The Most Popular Aston Martin DB4 GT Groups 

Due to the rarity and cost of the Aston Martin DB4 GT, no groups exist specifically for this vehicle. However, old-model Aston Martins – such as the DB4 and its successor, the DB5 – have a rabid fanbase, and there are many groups dedicated to Aston Martin and its vehicles, such as the Aston Martin Owners Club of North America (AMOCNA), Aston Martin Owners Club (AMOC), and Aston Martin Club 1913, just to name a few. Aston Martin owners are passionate about their vehicles, so anyone who owns an Aston Martin will be in good company in one of these groups.

The Aston Martin DB4 GT: One Of The Fastest (And Rarest) Cars Of The Era

Only 75 total GTs were built, making this an extremely rare model – off-limits to all but the wealthiest collectors. Still, those who are fans of automobile history and innovations in performance will relish the opportunity to lay eyes on a DB4 GT. These cars are truly iconic, and for a time, the DB4 GT held the rarified title of the fastest car in the world.