With an engaging ride and spritely feel, the 2-Series is BMW’s answer to those seeking the full BMW experience in a small package. The 2-Series comes in many different forms, though the one variable that doesn’t change is the fact that they are each ultimate driving machines.  

A Look Back At the Beginnings of the BMW 2-Series

The first BMW 2-Series came out in 2014 as a way for the company to fill a subcompact void in their lineup. The 2-Series coupe was meant to replace the 1-Series coupe, while the 2-Series convertible was meant to replace the 1-Series convertible. Beyond that, they created an MPV and Gran Tourer to also be apart of the 2-Series lineup. 

Exhilarating Performance – The BMW 2-Series

The BMW 2-Series has two different engines in the two different models that are present for 2019. The 230i comes with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine that puts out 248 horsepower and gives drivers a 0-60 time of 5.3 seconds. On the other hand, the M240i has a turbocharged 3.0L inline-six engine with a 0-60 time of 4.3 seconds. 

Each model in the 2-Series is adequately roomy and comfortable with a standard instrument panel and an easy-to-use infotainment system. In terms of safety features, the 2-Series comes with standard forward-collision warning, standard lane-departure warning, and standard front and rear parking sensors. 

The 2-Series can be purchased in coupe, convertible, or competition coupe models. 

A Short Timeline of the BMW 2-Series (2014-Present)

The 2-Series first hit the market in 2014 with an eight-speed automatic transmission and a four-cylinder turbocharged engine. That year was also the first release of the Active Tourer, which was the very first front-wheel-drive car that BMW ever made. 

After seeing the success of the Active Tourer, the company decided to go even bigger with the 2-Series Gran Tourer in 2015. This was the only three-seater model in the lineup at the time. The cars received a refresh in 2018with LED headlights and technological upgrades in the inside. 

The BMW 2-Series In the News

In recent an unfortunate BMW news, the company is set to cancel a few models in the next year, including the convertible model from their 2-Series, as the car overlaps the Z4 and the market is shrinking. BMW will also get rid of the 2-Series Active Tourer in the next phase of cars as well.  

Celebrity Endorsements of the BMW 2-Series

Though there are a ton of celebrities that drive BMWs, we have been unable to find any 2-Series celebrity drivers. We believe that it is most likely because 2-Series vehicles are near the bottom of the BMW hierarchy, and most celebrities opt for higher-level BMWs, such as “X” models or “i” models.

Best BMW 2-Series Groups

2 Addicts is one of the best places for owners and enthusiasts of the 2-Series models to congregate.

The BMW 2-Series – Entry-Level Luxury

The BMW 2-Series has given us normal folk a way to experience these timeless driving machines. The beauty is, they’re just as incredible as the BMWs near the top of the line. We can’t wait to see what BMW does next!