If there is any one model of car that is the best representative of the luxury status of BMW, that model would be the 4-Series. The BMW 4-Series has the hard-top convertible for the warm weather folk, the quick and sporty coupe for serious drivers, and the Gran Coupe for the family men and women. With something for just about everyone, it’s a true, universal automobile. 

A Quick History of the BMW 4-Series

The BMW 4-Series is a set of different cars that have been manufactured by BMW starting in 2013. Prior to the 4-Series, the 3-Series ruled the market. The 4-Series was meant to be the successor to the E92 and E93 models that were apart of the fifth-generation 3-Series cars. 

Thrilling Style and Performance – The BMW 4-Series

The 2020 BMW 4-Series is split into two categories: The 430i and the 440i. They are powered by a 248 horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder engine and a 320 horsepower turbocharged inline-six engine respectively. The eight-speed automatic transmission is standard, though the six-speed manual transmission is available. 

On the inside, you get BMW’s iDrive infotainment system with a display screen atop the dash. Some of the top features include adaptive cruise control, self-parking assist, and standard forward-collision warning. 

A Timeline of the BMW 4-Series (2013-Present)

The BMW 4-Series is still in its first generation. When it first hit the market in 2013, the three cars available were the F32 (two-door coupe), the F33 (two-door convertible), and the F36 (four-door fastback coupe). 

The very first major changes took place in 2018 when the new 430i became equipped with an inline-six turbocharged engine. These models include the F82, the F83, and the M4, which were introduced back in 2014. 

The BMW 4-Series In the News

In recent BMW news, the brand new 4-Series was just spied, and experts say that it is pretty much looking like it is ready for production. They say that it will share mechanics with the 3-Series sedan from the G-20 generation and it is expected to arrive in the U.S. during 2021. 

Celebrity Endorsements of the BMW 4-Series

Though we often find Range Rovers or supercars when we look at A-List celebrities, there are a surprising amount of celebrities who opt for more average luxury cars. Some of these celebrities include famed beach hunk David Hasselhoff and golfer Andrew Johnston.

Best BMW 4-Series Groups

We feel like BMW has more groups and clubs for their cars than any other type of car out there. One of the top BMW 4-Series groups is the 4-Series Forum, a forum-based community for 4-Series owners and enthusiasts around the world. 

The BMW 4-Series – From An Ancestry of Luxury

When sportiness met style back in 2013, it created the 4-Series automobile. Now, this purely powerful and luxurious series of cars have some of the best recognition in the luxury car market. They’re run just in-between entry-level affordability and A-List out-of-your-league pricing, making them perfect for just about anyone seeking this kind of style and performance. 

It seems that every BMW series gets better and better. We can’t wait to see what they do next.