As most of you know, BMW has been in the business of designing luxury vehicles for quite some time. Though they have come out with some incredibly iconic vehicles over the past few decades, nothing quite takes the cake like the i8. This member of the Project i electric vehicle fleet has been around since 2009 and has now evolved into one of the greatest electric vehicles on Earth. 

From Concept to Inception – a History of the BMW i8

The BMW i8 was first presented as a concept car at the International Motor Show back in 2009. It was a part of the Project i from BMW. Initially, it was a turbo-diesel concept car. The i8 that we know today wouldn’t actually hit roads until 2015, many years and “finalized versions” later. 

Innovations of the BMW i8

The 2019 BMW i8 comes in both hybrid electric and gas-powered systems with a two-door coupe version complementing the new roadster. Some of the top features of the i8 include a Roadster soft-top that is electrically operated, eDrive technology, a high-power charging system, and an 8.8-inch touch system with an upgradable Harmon Kardon speaker system.

The Evolution of the BMW i8

  • First Generation of the BMW i8 (2014-2018)

The first-generation BMW i8 looked a lot like the concept car that was put out in 2009. The body was made of carbon fiber and polymer materials that were developed by BMW specifically for the i3 and i8. It utilized a 1.5L turbocharged three-cylinder engine, sporting 231 horsepower. The electric unit uses 131 horsepower. 

  • Second Generation of the BMW i8 (2019-Present)

By the second generation, there were a few aesthetic changes, including the lights, rims, and available colors. The battery and electric system were completely revised for more reliability when the electric system was the only thing powering the car. The battery was updated too, allowing the vehicle to run up to 55 kilometers while running on all-electric.

The BMW i8 in the News

In recent BMW news, there are now speculations that BMW will be creating a Vision M model to complement the BMW i8. We can expect to see this vehicle roll around by 2023. See the future of BMW electric vehicles below!


Celebrity Endorsements of the BMW i8

With a car of this status, it comes as no surprise that there are tons of celebrity drivers out there repping it. Some of the top-tier celebrities include rapper Fetty Wap, singer Khalid, and NHL Florida Panthers player Scottie Upshall.

Best BMW i8 Groups

One of the best groups for BMW i8 owners and enthusiasts is the International BMW i8 Club. This worldwide platform allows members to connect and share their own enthusiasm for the i8. There is a massive online forum and exclusive events/meetups for i8 owners. 

The BMW i8 – a Modern Supercar

Though the i8 may look and feel like your typical supercar, it takes innovation a step further by adding the electric quality. If you’re looking for a car with exclusivity and curb appeal, there is no doubt that the BMW i8 is at the top of the game.