When it comes to unique crossover vehicles that provide active performance and a luxurious feel, there is nothing quite like the X2. 

Beyond the sportiness and cutting-edge aesthetic of the X2, it has about a hundred things under the hood to offer answers to its competition.

A Recent History of the BMW X2

The BMW X2 was first put into production in 2017 for the 2018 model. It was made to be the second iteration of the BMW X1, which was BMW’s already popular compact luxury crossover vehicle. They gave the X2 a far more sporty and aggressive look, as well as better handling, for those who wanted to hit the open road. 

Unconventional Performance and Technology – The BMW X2

The 2019 BMW X2 utilizes a turbocharged four-cylinder engine that puts out 228 horsepower, giving the SUV very similar specs to the X1. That engine is paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission, as well as front-wheel-drive, which BMW refers to as “sDrive28i”. All-wheel-drive is also made optional for drivers, giving us a 0-60 time of 6.4 seconds.

On the inside, you get plenty of cargo space and a luxurious, roomy interior. The 6.5” touchscreen infotainment system comes standard with an upgradable 8.8” screen and a head-up display. Some of the other top features include a seven-speaker audio system, and an array of driver-assistance features, including standard lane-departure warning and adaptive cruise control. 

The First Generation of the BMW X2 (2018-Present)

The BMW X2 is still very much in its first generation, meaning we have yet to see any large upgrades. 

The BMW X2 In the News

In recent BMW news, the BMW X2 has just been put on a list by AutoTrader as one of the top 10 cars on the market that is perfect for dog lovers! For canine lovers out there, the X2, as well as the Rav4, Crosstrek, and Cross County, make for some of the best canine companion vehicles! 

Celebrity Endorsements of the BMW X2

Because the BMW X2 is still in its early phase, we have been unable to find any celebrity owners of the vehicle. With that said, there are plenty of celebrities who driver other BMW vehicles, including Halley Berry with her i3, Jerry Ferrara with his X5, and Reese Witherspoon with the X6. 

Best BMW X2 Groups

Though it is still in its early phases, the BMW community has put together a great online forum-based community for owners and enthusiasts of the BMW X2. The BMW X2 Forum is the largest X2-specific club on the Internet today.

The BMW X2 – Serious Momentum

For a long time, SUVs were all about practicality. They were there to provide that little bit of extra space for larger families who needed them without the unattractiveness of a minivan. Today, all of that has changed, as the X2 hit the market with top-tier performance and style. It is a vehicle that seems eager to perform, and has the luxurious design that you could only expect from a true BMW vehicle. We can’t wait to see what future generations come to be!