The X5 has to be one of the oddest automobiles in the BMW line. Unlike the M Models or 3-Series, the X5 has never really been seen as “iconic”. BMW lovers don’t feel nostalgia when they see one, nor try and compare them to other luxury SUV models on the market in terms of speed and specs.

The funny thing is, even with nothing to prove, BMW has once again crafted a mid-size SUV with supreme capabilities and advanced features. Some may even consider the 2019 X5 one of the best mid-size SUVs on the market today.

Let’s dig into the X5 to see what makes this hidden gem such a superior vehicle.

The History of the BMW X5

BMW first introduced the X5 back in 1999 with the E53 chassis code, pegging it as the first BMW crossover vehicle on the market. Some went as far as to label it a “sport activity vehicle”. This is because it was the very first SUV from BMW that featured an all-wheel drive system with the choice of automatic or manual transmission. 

Seven years later in 2006, the second generation X5, with the code E70, was released. This upgraded vehicle featured the xDrive all-wheel drive system with torque-split capabilities. The company marketed the car as a SAV (Sports Activity Vehicle) instead of an SUV, making a point of the fact that it worked well in off-road situations. 

Technology and Performance of the X5 – A Masterpiece in the Realm of Luxury SUVs 

BMW X5 - 2

The new, 2019 X5 comes complete with a 3.0 liter inline-six engine, a top-tier all-wheel drive system, and 335 horsepower. As for upgrades from past models, the 2019 X5 has far more cabin space, a much more powerful motor, and rear-wheel drive. 

When it comes to the available technology in the X5, the list goes on and on. The Harmon Kardon surround system provides you with crystal clear sound, the laser high beams and adaptive lighting helps to increase visuals at night, and the “infotainment” system is loaded with BMW’s new iDrive technology and full multimedia access.

The X5 has always delivered a smooth powertrain, and the 2019 model is no exception. The turbocharged six-cylinder engine works hand-in-hand with the eight-speed transmission to give drivers both power and finesse on the road.

A Timeline of BMW X5 Models

  • BMW X5 E53 – First Generation (1999-2006)
BMW X5 - 3

The BMW X5 E53 was developed during the time when BMW had ownership of Land Rover, meaning the cars shared a lot of similar technology. The first generation of X5s had the Range Rover Hill Descent System, though also shared electronic and engine specs with the E39 series.

  • BMW X5 E70 – Second Generation (2006-2013)
BMW X5 - 4

The BMW X5 E70 was the first X5 to introduce the iconic iDrive system, as well as third-row seating, which could be purchased optionally. When 2010 rolled around, BMW decided to replace all DVD systems with their CIC hard drive systems to keep up to date with current technology. The car also went through the LCI update for a fresh, new exterior look.

  • BMW X5 F15 – Third Generation (2013-2018)
BMW X5 - 5

The BMW X5 F15 launched with three different options for engines, including a V8 petrol engine with 450 hp, a diesel engine with dual six-cylinder in-line units and 450 hp, and another dual six-cylinder with 381 hp. A few years in, BMW began producing X5 as PHEVs (Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles). Other than that, the overall design stayed the same.

  • BMW X5 G05 – Fourth Generation (2019-Present)

The BMW X5 G05 was unveiled in 2018. It utilizes the current BMW Cluster Architecture platform that is used with all of the BMW models on the market. All current X5 models come with all-wheel drive and xDrive technology, as well as a choice between three separate engine types. The fourth generation BMW X5s are produced in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

The BMW X5 In The News

Just when reporters thought they had lost all hope, it had been shown that BMW was still in the works for a hydrogen-powered X5 coming in the next decade or so. The company has been working on different fuel-cell technologies to make this dream a reality.

The sales of BMW vehicles have increased by a whopping 7.5 percent since last June. The X5 is just second to the X3 in performance, with over 4,400 cars sold in June of 2019.

Celebrity Endorsements of the BMW X5

As one of the top luxury SUVs on the market, there are a wide variety of celebrities that own X5s. Charlie Sheen, Jerry Ferrera (Entourage), JWoww (Jersey Shore), and Sporty Spice (Spice Girls), are just a few celebrities who have been spotted cruising in their X5s.

The Most Popular X5 Groups

Because the X5 models have been around for quite some time and are still in production, there are many groups. One of the best online forums for X5s is X Bimmers, providing X5 owners with a space to discuss and give insights to their SUVs.

There is also a massive Facebook community with X5 owners and enthusiasts from all across the world.

You can also visit the BMW website, as they have links to all of their official clubs and forums, with over 125,000 members in the US alone. Most of these groups are specific to models as well, meaning you’ll find lots of like-minded members to interact with.

Accomplished Luxury – The BMW X5

With all of its technical upgrades throughout the years, the new 2019 X5 reigns supreme. It is by far one of the best mid-size luxury SUVs on the market.  While it may not go down in history like the 3-Series or M model cars that invoke BMW enthusiasts with nostalgia and awe, it will go down as one of the top SUVs of its time.