It’s almost impossible to talk about the era of muscle cars without making mention of the Dodge Charger.

With a combination of functionality and form, the Dodge Charger also happens to be one of the most affordable muscle cars in history. Rev up your engines as we take you through everything you need to know about the Dodge Charger. 

A Condensed History of the Dodge Charger

The Dodge Charger was a show car before going into production back in 1964. The name represented one of the most iconic vehicles in the era of muscle cars. 

Unleashing the Power and Technology of the Dodge Charger

The 2019 Dodge Charger uses a large Hemi V-8 engine with an eight-speed automatic transmission and rear-wheel-drive. There is also a V-6 for drivers who are looking for something a bit more subdued. 

Every Charger comes complete with a 7.0” infotainment system and modern available safety features, including blind-spot monitoring and forward-collision warning

Through The Life of the Dodge Charger

  • First Generation Dodge Charger (1966-1967)

The first-generation Dodge Charger was a two-door fastback with four bucket seats on the interior. It used a V-8 engine with a three-speed floor shifter.

  • Second Generation Dodge Charger (1968-1970)

By 1968, the Charger received a few cosmetic changes, including rounded taillights, hidden headlights, and an undivided grille. 

  • Third Generation Dodge Charger (1971-1974)

The third-generation Charger used the Chrysler B platform to meet new safety and emissions regulations. Some changes included the split grille and ducktail spoiler.

  • Fourth Generation Dodge Charger (1975-1978)

The fourth-generation Charger was more of a luxury car with the new Daytona model.

  • Fifth Generation Dodge Charger (1982-1987)

The fifth-generation Charger came back as a subcompact hatchback coupe and was paired with a solid front-wheel-drive, as well as a choice between a five-speed manual transmission or a three-speed automatic transmission. It was very much an economy-type model.

  • Sixth Generation Dodge Charger (2006-2010)

After a seventeen-year hiatus, the Dodge Charger came back with a front-wheel-drive model. This generation introduced some new features, including a 2.7L V-6 engine, 17-inch wheels, all-speed traction control, air conditioning, a CD player, and electronic stability control.

  • Seventh Generation Dodge Charger (2011-Present)

The seventh-generation Charger received modern taillights and headlights, as well as a new eight-speed automatic transmission. In 2017, it received a new 8.4” infotainment system.

The Dodge Charger In the News

In recent news, the Indiana police force decided to ditch their Dodge Chargers for brand new Tesla Model 3s. This may be a small shift now, though we can foresee it turning into a national trend. 

Celebrity Endorsements of the Dodge Charger

Some celebrities need to toughen up their images, and the best way to do so is to get a good muscle car like the Charger. Some celebrity Charger owners include Brody Jenner, Amber Heard, and Tommy Kelly.

Best Dodge Charger Groups

One of our favorite Charger groups just so happens to be on Facebook. The Dodge Charger Owners Club has thousands of members from across the world.

The Dodge Charger – Ruling the Road

With pure Hemi power and fast, functional design, the Dodge Charger is still one of the top muscle cars around. We hope that it survives to give a little muscle to the next generation of drivers.