Is it just us, or does seeing a Fiat 500 cruise down the street make you crave a delicious scoop of Italian elato?

Okay, it might just be us, but there is something incredibly adorable and heartwarming about the Fiat 500. It’s a classic Fiat vehicle that has used its cute characteristics to charm its way into the 21st century. If there is any car in the world that is built to brighten up a city street, it’s the Fiat 500. 

A Condensed History of the Fiat 500

The Fiat 500 was first launched back in 1957 as a small city car and a successor to the 500 Topolino. It was made to be inexpensive and practical, perfect for single drivers. Prior to the true 500 name, the car was referred to as the Fiat Nuova.

A Modern Classic – Technology and Performance of the Fiat 500

The 2019 Fiat 500 utilizes a 1.4L four-cylinder engine that puts out 135 horsepower, giving drivers a 0-60 time of about 8.1 seconds. A five-speed manual transmission comes standard, though drivers can also make use of the optional six-speed automatic transmission. 

Though it may have a bit of a retro exterior, the inside has an updated 5.0” touchscreen infotainment system, a digital gauge display, and an array of fashionable, modern themes to choose from when it comes to the upholstery. 

A Bumpy Timeline of the Fiat 500

  • First Generation Fiat 500 (1957-1975)

The first generation Fiat 500 received quite a few changes over the years. The first iteration was known as the Nuova 500, and came with a two-cylinder engine with 13 horsepower. By 1958, the Nuova 500 Sport was introduced with a more powerful two-cylinder engine.

By 1960, Fiat introduced the 500D, which would stick around until 1965. It used a larger 17 horsepower engine and suicide doors. From 1960-1975, the 500 Giardiniera was manufactured, which was an estate version of the Fiat 500. The engine was under the floor and it was the only model to use suicide doors into the 1970s. 

The 500R model was manufactured in 1971, which was the last iteration of the first-generation Fiat 500s.

  • Second Generation Fiat 500 (2007-Present)

After a 50-year hiatus, Fiat launched the 500 again. It came in coupe and convertible versions with the choice between a 1.2L, 1.3L, or 1.4L MultiJet engine, each of which are coupled with a six-speed manual transmission. By 2015, the car received a major facelift and was filled with modern technological features. 

The Fiat 500 In the News

In recent news, the Fiat 500 is being phased out in the United States. Fiat says that the microcar will end production after 2019.

Celebrity Endorsements of the Fiat 500

The Fiat 500 is a classic car, which means there are tons of celebrities that have their hands on one. Those celebrities include Jay Leno, Charlie Sheen, and Jennifer Lopez. 

Best Fiat 500 Groups

One of the largest Fiat 500 clubs in the world is actually in the United Kingdom. 

The Fiat 500 – A Tiny Charmer

Though we’re planning to say goodbye to the little Fiat 500 in 2020, there is no doubt that it lived a good life and will continue to live on in its legacy. Let’s all grab a scoop of gelato today in memory.