There are few things that are as quintessentially American as the Ford Pickup truck. The few things we could think of would be baseball and apple pie. How did this iconic truck come to be, and where does its future lie? Let’s hop in and find out!

A History of the Ford Pickup

The Ford pickup can be traced back to the Model T, which was released in 1908 thanks to the great Henry Ford. After the successful sales of the Model T and the later Model TT, Ford decided that he needed to manufacture a Ford with a pickup bed. By 1925, the first true pickup trucks emerged.

Technology and Innovations of the Ford Pickup – the Truck Built Tough

There are a variety of new Ford Pickups, including the Ranger, F-150, Super Duty, and F-150 Raptor. From extreme 4×4 design to immense towing power, these are some of the most powerful pickups on the market today. 

A Timeline of the Ford Pickup

Old Ford Pickup Truck
  • Ford Pickups (1910s-1930s)

The first model TT came out in 1917 and was the first pickup truck to put American people behind the wheel. With a one-ton design and a $600 market cost, the TT was very successful and was eventually followed by the AA and BB.

  • Ford Pickups (1930s-1950s)

The Model 50 pickup used the iconic Ford flathead V-8 and many styling updates from the TT, AA, and BB models. This generation came to a halt in 1941, thanks to the war. After WWII began winding down, Ford began working on the new F-Series. These cars ranged from the F-1, a half-ton consumer pickup, to the F-8 cab-over. This was the beginning of the now-famous F-Series that pickup truckers know and love.

  • Ford Pickups (1950s-1960s)

The second-generation F-series saw an array of upgrades, from armrests to sun visors to an optional automatic transmission. The V-8 engine was replaced with an overhead-valve eight by 1954. The third generation F-series saw the first major body upgrade with a wide, square-like design that would inspire the next few decades of F-Series pickups. Four-wheel drive became an additional model option by 1959. Though the 1961 fourth generation had the classic solid-axle suspension, by 1965, Ford switched to a twin I-beam setup. A four-door crew cab also appeared in 1965.

  • Ford Pickups (1970s-1980s)

The 1970s saw a redesigned grille in the F-series and a concave body length. In 1975, the first-ever F-150 appeared. The 1980s models focused more on aerodynamics, and F-100 became one of the most popular vehicles in the Ford line with 117 horsepower and 223 lb-ft of torque.

  • Ford Pickups (1990s-2000s)

Ford surpassed the VW Bug as the best-selling vehicle during the 90s. The F-150 SVT lightning package became available in 1993 with a 5.8L V-8 engine and 240 horsepower. By the early 2000s, the F150 became sleeker and far more aerodynamic thanks to the lighter chassis and a torsion-bar setup.

  • Ford Pickups (the 2010s)

The 2010s saw the introduction of the F-150 Raptor with long-travel suspension and off-road features. With the boosted suspension, four-corner racing dampers, and cast-aluminum lower control, these are some of the most serious pickups to date.

The Ford Pickup in the News

Ford recently helped to create a pickup truck emoji that is set to hit smartphones within the next year thanks to the growth in US sales. 

Celebrity Endorsements of the Ford Pickup

The Ford Pickup has a wide variety of celebrity owners, including George W. Bush, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Jimmy Fallon, John Goodman, Shaquille O’Neal, and many more. 

Best Ford Pickup Groups

There are many different Ford Pickup groups and clubs around the country, and one of the best places to find information on those groups is at the Ford Trucks Forum.

The Ford Pickup – America’s #1 Pickup

The Ford Pickup has been dominating the truck market in America for many generations. From consumer to commercial use, it seems that there is truly no task that this one-of-a-kind truck can’t take on.