Whenever we think of the GMC brand, the first thing that comes to our mind is a monstrous pickup truck,

This is likely because GMC has done so well at branding themselves as a large truck brand. It really wasn’t until they came out with the GMC Terrain Crossover that all of that changed.

An Introduction to the GMC Terrain

The GMC Terrain first hit the market back in 2010, just after its debut at the New York International Auto Show in 2009. It was made to replace the Pontiac Torrent, which fell out of production in 2010 when the company decided to cease the Pontiac brand. It also followed the successful introduction of the GMC Acadia crossover vehicle, though as a much smaller and more fuel-efficient iteration.

Compact Technology and Performance of the GMC Terrain

The 2019 GMC Terrain comes with a choice between three different four-cylinder engines, one of which is standard and two of which are turbocharged. The 1.6L turbocharged engine is paired with a six-speed automatic transmission and puts out 137 horsepower. There is a higher-level 2.0L turbocharged four-cylinder engine that puts out 252 horsepower as well. The smaller engine has a maximum tow rating of 1500 pounds, while the more powerful engine pushes it up to 3500 pounds.

All GMC Terrain models come standard with a 7.0” touchscreen infotainment system that utilizes Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and of course, an onboard Wi-Fi hotspot for those who want to stay connected. You can upgrade to an 8.0” touchscreen system with navigation as well. There are a few driver-assistance features as well, including automated emergency braking, lane-keeping assist, and adaptive cruise control.

A Timeline of the GMC Terrain

  • First Generation GMC Terrain (2010-2017)

The first-generation GMC Terrain hit the market with a standard 2.4L DOHC engine and a 3.0 DOHC engine, both of which could be paired with front or all-wheel-drive. The Terrain received a facelift for the 2014 year with new headlights, taillights, LED daytime running lights, a new grille, a new bumper, and shiny 18” rims. The interior instrument panel was also upgraded for a more modern look.

  • Second Generation GMC Terrain (2018-Present)

The second-generation GMC Terrain provides drivers with brand new engine choices. It also comes standard with GMC’s Traction Select system, which gives drivers choices for various driving conditions.

Celebrity Endorsements of the GMC Terrain

Unfortunately, we have been unable to find any celebrities that drive GMC Terrain models. With that being said, there are plenty of celebrities who drive GMC vehicles in general, including Kid Rock, who drives a 2017 GMC Sierra, and Josh Duhamel, who drives a GMC Sierra Denali.

The GMC Terrain In the News

In recent GMC news, the company is saying that the GMC Terrain will be the smallest that they go in terms of model design. There have been many different talks about creating a crossover vehicle to sit below the GMC Terrain in terms of size, though the GMC has finally put that rumor to rest.

Best GMC Terrain Groups

One of the best groups on the Internet with information and insights about everything GMC Terrain is the GMC Terrain Forum. Here you can find photo galleries, classifieds, and tons of active Terrain forums.

The GMC Terrain – The Smallest GMC

It would be a strange day if GMC were ever to go any smaller than the GMC Terrain. This compact crossover vehicle is a strong competitor in the market, and though small, still manages to maintain the large character that has set GMC apart for so many years. Its unique looks, solid powertrains, and versatile interior, gives drivers something to be happy about, no matter what terrain they find themselves on!