With an electric motor and an internal combustion engine, the Honda Insight was a benchmark in fuel-efficient automobiles.

The funny thing is, as more and more companies begin to emphasize their hybrid cars in strange and unique ways, the Honda Insight looks more and more like your standard sedan with every iteration. Call it eco-subtlety? Why not?

A Short History of the Honda Insight

The Honda Insight hit the streets back in 1999. It was based on the Honda J-VX, which was a concept car that was unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show back in 1997. It was the very first vehicle to use Honda’s Integrated Motor Assist system. The Insight would become the very first hybrid available on the North American market.

Eco-Friendly Technology of the Honda Insight

The 2019 Honda Insight is much quicker than the majority of hybrid competitors on the market with a combination of gasoline engines and electric motors. The pairing provides drivers with 151 horsepower, which gives the car a 0-60 time of 7.7 seconds. The truly incredible part is the fuel economy. EPA ratings give the Honda Insight a 55-mpg rating for the highway.

On the interior, the Honda Insight comes with a baseline 5.0” touchscreen infotainment system. Of course, you can upgrade to the larger 8.0” touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capabilities. There is also built-in navigation on the higher trim level. 

Some of the standard safety features on the Honda Insight include forward-collision warning, standard lane departure, and standard adaptive cruise control.

Three Generations of the Honda Insight

  • First Generation Honda Insight (1999-2006)

The first-generation Honda Insight came out of the Honda womb in 1999. It utilized a hybrid engine and a lightweight aluminum frame. It was aimed at achieving some of the best fuel efficiency that the world had seen up to that point. It utilized a three-seat design, which didn’t help its case against the Toyota Prius.

  • Second Generation Honda Insight (2009-2014)

The new Honda Insight hit the public in 2009. It utilized a 1.3L electric engine and came with a five-passenger, five-door design, which was built on a dedicated hybrid platform. The rounded shape was to make sure that drivers could clearly identify it as a hybrid vehicle. The car included the fifth-generation Honda Integrated Motor Assist system.

  • Third Generation Honda Insight (2018-Present)

The third-generation Honda Insight utilizes a two-motor hybrid powertrain with 1.5L gas engine that is combined with an electric motor, as well as a Lithium-ion battery pack. In 2018, Honda took the LCD instrument cluster from the Honda Accord and stuck it in the Honda Insight. 

Celebrity Endorsements of the Honda Insight

There are quite a few Honda Insight celebrity owners, though one of the most famous is Dave Matthews from the Dave Matthews Band, who purchased the car as with a coalition of music industry players who enacted in an eco-friendly challenge.

The Honda Insight In the News

In recent news, a San Jose woman was arrested for attempting to steal a blue Honda Insight from a local dealership, though it became disabled the minute she drove off the lot. 

Best Honda Insight Groups

With over two decades of manufacturing, there are plenty of Honda Insight groups sprinkled around the Internet. One of the best groups for Honda Insight owners and enthusiasts is Insight Central. There are over 170k members active on the site.

The Honda Insight – A Hybrid Gone Sedan

Though the Honda Insight has retained some of the best hybrid qualities on the hybrid market, you would never know it was a hybrid unless you got a good look at its badges. We love that Honda decided to go in the direction of making it more like a sedan, as it entices car buyers to go green just a bit more.