When it comes to the ES Hybrid, it’s exactly what you’d expect from this luxury brand.

With a bit more width, length, and fuel economy, not to mention the low noise levels, it may be one of the most seductive hybrid models that are on the market today. 

The ES Gone Green – A History of the Lexus ES Hybrid

Though the ES had been around since 1990 and had gone through a number of generations already, it wasn’t until the sixth-generation that the ES hybrid hit the market. Essentially, Lexus had slightly redesigned the ES in 2013 and added a hybrid powertrain to compete with other hybrid models on the market. 

Class-Leading Efficiency – Technology and Performance of the Lexus ES Hybrid

The 2019 Lexus ES Hybrid makes use of an Atkinson-cycle 2.5 inline-four engine that outputs 176 horsepower. Combined with the 1.6kWh battery, which is made from a nickel-metal hydride, it increases the horsepower to 215. The engine is paired with a continuously variable automatic transmission that utilizes a manual shifting mode. The most important thing is the fuel economy, which provides around 44 mpg when combining highway and city. 

The inside features a 1.3” split-screen infotainment system, which provides drivers with climate and audio controls, as well as Lexus’ Enform Dynamic Navigation that can be purchased with an upgrade. Some of the other top features include a panorama glass roof, gorgeous ambient lighting, a driver’s seat power cushion extender, and a power open/close trunk.

In terms of safety features, Lexus sticks with the trends of the industry, providing drivers with the System 2.0 suite of driver-assistance features, including automated emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, and lane-departure warning.

Two Generations of the Lexus ES Hybrid

  • First Generation Lexus ES Hybrid (2013-2018)

The first-generation ES Hybrid did not receive any major changes until the 2015 facelift. The car was given a much sharper look with a larger black grille. The side windows were slimmed out too to give the car a more sports car-like appearance.

  • Second Generation Lexus ES Hybrid (2018-Present)

By the second-generation, all Lexus ES Hybrids came standard with Lexus safety plus 2.0 systems, which included a new bunch of safety features. Apple CarPlay became optional too, as well as Amazon Alexa support.

The Lexus ES Hybrid In the News

In recent news, Lexus is planning on finally opening up a few dealerships in Mexico during 2021. Lexus will initially bring the ES Hybrid and the LS 500 over.

Celebrity Endorsements of the Lexus ES Hybrid

Though we have not been able to find any Lexus ES Hybrid celebrity owners, we did find out that American actor Chris Evans drives a Lexus ES 350!

Best Lexus ES Hybrid Groups

Club Lexus is one of the best places on the Internet for Lexus ES Hybrid owners and enthusiasts to meet and share information!

The Lexus ES Hybrid – Style and Efficiency

Combine lightning-fast electric motors and a quality engine for what is the most powerful ES model in the lineup. The ES Hybrid is sleek, stylish, and an overall excellent automobile for those luxurious buyers who are looking to remain conscious.