There is not a single car that is more innovative in the long line of Lexus cars than the LS model. With progressive technology in each release and utilization of some of the best materials in the industry, this flagship luxury vehicle has been the major support of Lexus for many years. Let’s dig into this luxury vehicle to see what makes it such a powerhouse. 

A Brief Background of the Lexus LS

The Lexus LS was first put into production lines in 1983 with a massive team of designers. The LS was originally intended for markets outside of Japan, as the Crown and Century models were already doing very well in Japan. In 1989, the first LS400 debuted.  

Technology and Innovations of the Lexus LS – A Top-Selling Luxury Sedan

The Lexus LS comes in three different trim packages with front-midship design and all-wheel drive. Some of the top features include a 12.3” Navigation system display, rear-seta touchscreen controls, drive-mode select, and a 12-speaker premium sound system. 

A Timeline of the Lexus LS

Red Lexus LS
  • First Generation Lexus LS (1989-1994)

The first-generation Lexus LS was one of the very first cars to feature digital A/C readouts and heated front seats. It came with auto-off headlamps, a premium sound system, and unique air-suspension.

  • Second Generation Lexus LS (1994-2000)

The second-generation LS saw a major redesign with more interior space and an ultra-powerful V-8 engine with better fuel economy. It was upgraded even more in 1997 with better aerodynamics and a more powerful V-8 engine with 284 horsepower.

  • Third Generation Lexus LS (2000-2006)

The third-generation LS featured a longer body and dynamic cruise control. By 2004, the car saw another facelift with a visibly rounded exterior. The gearbox was upgraded as well, giving the car a six-speed automatic version.

  • Fourth Generation Lexus LS (2006-2017)

The fourth-generation was built on a brand new platform and featured a 5.0L V-8 petrol hybrid engine. The 460 and 600h trim models received rounded exterior upgrades and the hybrid version saw a two cubic-foot increase for more room on the inside. It wasn’t until 2013 that the company added a 4.6L V-8.

  • Fifth Generation Lexus LS (2017-Present)

By the fifth generation, the car adopted sharper lines and LED lighting. The interior featured brand-new soundproofing, and there was also a performance upgrade with a turbocharged V-6 engine. 

The Lexus LS In the News

In recent LS news, a hydrogen-powered LS was recently spotted at their plant. Insiders are saying that we can’t expect to see this car hitting the market until at least 2021. Check out the video below for more info!

Celebrity Endorsements of the Lexus LS

There are many legendary celebrities that own Lexus vehicles. Some of the top Lexus LS owners include Mel Gibson, Ben Affleck, and even billionaire Bill Gates!

Best Lexus LS Groups

While we have not been able to find any Lexus LS groups specifically, there are many Lexus clubs and groups out there for owners and enthusiasts. You can check out these clubs at Club Lexus.

The Lexus LS – A Flagship in the Lexus Line

The LS has long been one of the best-selling Lexus automobiles. With a short-but-sweet history and big plans for the future, we can expect to see quite a bit from the LS in the coming years.