There aren’t many cars that go out of production for 13 years only to come back and wow the entire auto industry. Introducing the Lincoln Continental, one of the great American vehicles. This full-size sedan has always delivered comfort and luxury since it was first introduced in 1946. Let’s hop in the time machine and discover what made this such an iconic car. 

A History of the Lincoln Continental 

The Lincoln Continental was originally a personal vehicle commission for the great Edsel Ford. When the very first Continental came off the line in 1939, the V-12 studded vehicle began attracting other high-buyers. It was then that Lincoln knew they had something great.

Technology and Innovations of the Lincoln Continental – A Car For The Elegant and the Bold

The 2019 Lincoln Continental comes with an array of high-class features, including Co-Pilot 360 technology, blind-spot detection, a digital head-up display, and a luxurious black label interior. It comes complete with a base-level 3.0L V-6 engine.

An Elegant Lineage of the Lincoln Continental

  • First Generation Lincoln Continental (1940-1948)

The first generation Lincoln Continental was made to match the custom-bodied Lincoln Zephyr that was owned by Edsel Ford. It came with a flathead V-12 and a European styling. 200 were made in both coupe and convertible versions.

  • Second Generation Lincoln Continental (1956-1957)

The second-generation Continental featured a powerful V-8 engine with 285 horsepower. It was much cleaner than the chrome-style cars of the time with a slick, coupe body.

  • Third Generation Lincoln Continental (1958-1960)

The third-generation Continental featured sculpted side panels and aggressively angled headlights. It was offered in both Mark III coupe and convertible designs, as well as a Continental sedan design.

  • Fourth Generation Lincoln Continental (1961-1969)

The fourth-generation made use of knife-edged styling and center-open doors. It was just smaller than the third-generation and came with a V-8 engine that produced 300 horsepower. 

  • Fifth Generation Lincoln Continental (1970-1979)

The fifth-generation was made a lot like the Mark II in terms of style. It produced 365 horsepower with a high-quality V-8 engine. Some of the top features included the vinyl roof and faux rear tire hump.

  • Sixth Generation Lincoln Continental (1980)

The Lincoln Continental was downsized about 800 pounds for the sixth generation. With max trim, it utilized a V-8 engine that produced up to 140 horsepower. It was the very first continental with an instrument cluster. 

  • Eighth Generation Lincoln Continental (1982-1994)

The eighth-generation Continental utilized a V-8 5.0L engine with 134 horsepower. Some of the top features included an electronic air suspension, four-wheel disc brakes, and gas-pressurized shock absorbers. This year included the first front-wheel-drive Continental

  • Ninth Generation Lincoln Continental (1995-2002)

The 1995 model came back to capture the original Continental’s elegance, though modernized. This 4.6L V-8 car featured a voice-activated cell phone and keyless entry, as well as adjustable drive modes.

  • Tenth Generation Lincoln Continental (2017-Present)

The Continental came back in 2017 with a standard front-wheel drive and a modified Ford Fusion platform. It maxed out at 400 horsepower with a sleeker, more modern body design.

The Lincoln Continental In the News

In recent Lincoln news, Elvis Presley’s old Lincoln Continental is now up for sale! Even though he owned 100 automobiles over the course of his life, this was one of his favorites. Check out more about the car below!

Celebrity Endorsements of the Lincoln Continental 

The Lincoln Continental is just as iconic as the people who owned it. Some major celebrities that drove Lincoln Continentals included Frank Sinatra, Barry Goldwater, and Elvis Presley.

Best Lincoln Continental Groups

Feeling like surrounding yourself with people of luxury? Make sure to check out one of the top Lincoln clubs in the world: The Lincoln And Continental Owners Club

The Lincoln Continental 

It may come as no surprise that the new 2019 Lincoln Continental sold out within the first 48 hours. With 80 years of beautiful vehicles, this classic car is still shining in our modern world.