When it comes to consumer-friendly sports cars, the Nissan 370z has been top-of-the-line for quite some time. With over 50 years of Z sports cars, it seems that Nissan has the design down. Can we say that the 370z has reached iconic status? As it’s only been out for a decade, we may have to wait to find out. For now, let’s hop in and see what it’s all about. 

A Legend In Performance – The Introduction of the Nissan 370z

The Nissan 370z was first announced in 2006, though it made its first debut at the 2008 Greater LA Auto Show. It is the sixth iteration in a long line of Nissan Z cars, coming right after the 350z. 

The Power and Technology Within the Nissan 370z

The 2019 Nissan 370z has a V-6 engine under the hood that is much quicker than the rival cars, such as the Mazda MX-5. It comes with a six-speed manual transmission in the standard model, though it has an option for a seven-speed automatic transmission as well. It can go from 0-60 in 5.0 seconds. 

On the inside, you get a 7.0” touchscreen infotainment system with a CD player, six speakers, an auxiliary input jack, and a USB port. On the top-tier NISMO models, you get a branded tachometer and a louder exhaust. There are no driver-assistance features, as the car was made in favor of the engaged drivers. 

A Single-Generation Timeline of the Nissan 370z (2008-2012)

The first release of the 370z came about in 2008. It featured a seven-speed automatic transmission, a more aggressive front end than past generations, and far more muscular wheels. By the end of 2012, the car was equipped with a new infotainment system. 

The car went through the biggest cosmetic change in 2012. The front bumper was updated and LED daytime lights were added on. Two new colors, including Magma Red and Midnight Blue, were now in the lineup. 

The Nissan 370z In the News

In recent Nissan news, the 50th Anniversary Edition 370z just recently arrived in Australia. It is offered with either a six-speed manual transmission or a seven-speed automatic transmission and starts at $53,490 (AUD). Learn more about this 370z below!

Celebrity Endorsements of the Nissan 370z

Though it’s a popular sports car in the consumer realm, we have surprisingly been unable to find any celebrity owners of Nissan 370z models. However, there are quite a few celebrity Nissan car owners in general, including Lexi Thompson, Blake Shelton, and Marcus Mariota.

Best Nissan 370z Groups

One of the best places to meet and chat with other Nissan 370z owners and enthusiasts is the 370z Coupe website. 

The Nissan 370z – A Coupe With Supercar Performance

Though the new 370z might feel a bit dated when compared to other sports cars on the market, there is something special about it that continues to make it such a popular choice for engaged drivers everywhere. Could it be the 50+ years experience in the Z model cars? Maybe it’s the sporty look and high-performance specs? Whatever it is, we’re happy that this little car is still going strong.