The words “cheap” and “Porsche” usually don’t go together, though the 911 RS America was the pinnacle of cheap Porsches in the best way possible. With only two years in production, it didn’t have much time to evolve or spread to the Porsche lovers of the world, though it remains quite special for car collectors and serious Porsche enthusiasts. 

A History of the Porsche 911 RS America

The Porsche 911 RS America was made in 1993 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the 1973 Carrera RS in the United States, as the original RS was not available in the States thanks to regulations of the time. Many also say that the inception had a lot to do with the fact that the American Porsche group felt that the Carrera 3.8 RS was a bit too bold for the American market, so they created the 911 RS America to compensate. Whatever the reason, it became an interesting Porsche icon.

The Top Features of the Porsche 911 RS America

The RS America came with the same 3.6 flat-six engine as the Carrera 2, sporting 247 horsepower and a five-speed gearbox, as well as ABS brakes. It cut about 77lbs off of the body weight compared to the 911 model, which helped give it a 0-60 time of 5.4 seconds. It cut out power steering to help get rid of the added weight, as well as door pockets, rear seats, and a majority of the sound-deadening material on the interior.

A Two-Year Timeline of the Porsche 911 RS America


The RS America came out in 1993. Though it utilized the proper airbag and lighting elements that it needed for federal approval, it was cut from production lines by 1995, largely due to the fact that they canceled the American Carrera Cup. 

This 911 RS America utilized 17-inch wheels, powered Recaro seats, a cassette player, a fixed ducktail spoiler, and sport suspension with an insane amount of control. The sunroof was optional at the time. 

The Porsche 911 RS America in the News

According to many sources, including The Drive, the general Porsche 911 is finally about to reach a ceiling. Since 2012, the car’s popularity was on a constant rise and the sales numbers were spiking. Slowly but surely, the 911 has finally reached a peak and is now set to decline in value. 

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Celebrity Endorsements of the Porsche 911 RS America

While we haven’t been able to spot any celebrities with the 911 RS America models, there are many proud 911 owners, including Patrick Dempsey and Drew Carey.

Best Porsche 911 RS America Groups

Though there isn’t a large club specific to RS America owners, you can check out the Porsche Club of America to find different events and meetups in your area.

The Porsche 911 RS America

Referred to as the “SlimFast of Porsches” at one time, the 911 RS America was once the cheapest and most bare-bones Porsche model around. With a retro aesthetic and a nimble feel, it was the Porsche that the Porsche group felt Americans could handle. Were they right? Apparently not!