The Skoda Rapid is one of those strange nameplates that has been used on multiple generations of completely different automobiles. From its inception in the early 20th century to the newer 21st century, the Skoda Rapid has transcended both time and space, well, ‘time’ at least.

A Bumpy History of the Skoda Rapid

The original Skoda Rapid was first made in Czechoslovakia during the early 1930s. The name “Rapid” came from the 1,195 cc Type 920 engine that was inside of it. Since then, the company has used the “Rapid” name on its Rapid version 1984 Skoda 130 and the post-2012 models made in the Skoda factory in India.

The Design and Features of the Skoda Rapid

The 2019 Skoda Rapid features a 1.6L petrol engine that delivers 77kw with six-speed automatic transmission. Some of the top exterior features include a chrome-plated radiator grille and electronically adjustable mirrors. On the inside, you get a cooled glove box compartment, ebony-sand interiors, and foldaway cup holders.

A Century of the Skoda Rapid

  • First Generation Skoda Rapid (1935-1947)

The first-generation Skoda Rapid was a mid-size sedan with a backbone chassis and independent suspension all-round. Over the years, there were two engine types, including the Type 901 and 922. The Type 901 locked in 31 horsepower with a top speed of 62 mph, and the Type 922, which launched in 1938, locked in 42 horsepower and a top speed of 62 mph.

  • Second Generation Skoda Rapid (1984-1990)

By 1984, the company revived the Skoda for a second generation. This model came with a unibody structure and rear-wheel-drive. The two-door coupe body used a 120 engine with 54 bhp, and the 130 engine, which was put out a few years later, produced 58 bhp. A convertible version was eventually offered on the British market. 

  • Third Generation Skoda Rapid (2012-Present)

The third-generation Skoda Rapid is a re-engineered version of the Volkswagen Vento made for the Indian market. It is available in both four-door sedan and five-door hatchback models. It has an array of four-cylinder engine models, including 1.2L I3, 1.2L I4, and 1.4L I4, as well as a diesel model. 

The Skoda Rapid in the News

The Skoda Rapid Rider Edition was just released a few weeks ago, and the Indian market went wild. The company now says that thanks to the overwhelming response, they are considering making it a part of the regular lineup of vehicles.

Check out this limited edition model below!


Celebrity Endorsements of the Skoda Rapid

While the Skoda Rapid is your average consumer car with no place in the celebrity world, you might find it funny to know that Pope Francis was cruising around in a Skoda Rapid during his recent trip to Ireland.

Best Skoda Rapid Groups

As you can imagine, because the Skoda Rapid has been around for quite some time, a few large clubs and groups have risen around it. One of the top clubs is the Rapid Club in Europe. 

The Skoda Rapid – an Everlasting Name

The Rapid has never been an exceptional automobile, though the fact that the name has survived so many generations is actually quite special. If the Rapid name disappears next year and comes back around in the year 2100, we can’t say we’ll be surprised.